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Digital Marketing Planning Template

The goal of the template is to help you understand the building blocks of a successful digital strategy

Free Digital marketing Strategy Planning Template

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Digital Marketing Strategy Template

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A online integrated marketing strategy is an essential asset for any organisation

visual digital strategy planning template

Understanding the Visual

Building a brand starts with designing a corporate identity, that can be used on your web site and social media channels.

web site digital strategy planning template

Web Site

A web site forms the foundation of any digital strategy, if you are directing a user to a web site for more information, landing page for conversion or a blog.

social media and content marketing strategy

Social Media and Content Marketing

Content marketing is a mix of articles, posts, visual elements, native video and e-mail marketing across social channels.

buyer persona who is my ideal client

Who is my ideal client

Build a buyer persona to determine who is your ideal client, where to find them and how to market to them.

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This simple Digital Strategy Planning Template is used to define your buyers, and to outline the digital marketing tactics to communicate online for free.

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I am the founder of the Digital Marketing Mastermind Hub and co founder of Fresh Trend Digital Agency and Fresh Trend Media Online Magazine, my mission is to help 100 000 entrepreneurs to increase there sales and revenues using digital strategies.
Morne Boshoff

Morne Boshoff

- Digital Startup Specialist

My expertise include, web design, digital strategy, social media marketing, social networking, web branding and marketing online.

As a digital marketing consultant I provide simple and effective strategies that get results.

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